My Lorax princess teaches me to “Let It Grow!”

Forget Cinderella fantasies and Sleeping Beauty tales – my daughter dreams about the Lorax. Yes, you read that right. That pudgy, neon orange, mustached “speaking for the trees” Dr. Seuss character dove straight into her heart…and now into mine as well. Let me explain. My wonderful husband took her to see the movie a few weeks ago, and upon hearing how much she loved the film I decided to stock her Easter basket with the real thing. As my husband read the book to her Easter morning while I prepared for our cookout that afternoon, I was overwhelmed by the story and it almost brought me to tears. I looked around my kitchen and what did I see? Bottles, boxes, plastics, and more bottles! Empty water jugs, egg cartons, potato peels, cardboard mac and cheese boxes, and paper towels galore. And where would all of my thoughtlessly discarded trash end up? The garbage can of course. I was utterly disgusted with myself. How could I have become so careless? I immediately went to work on my plan of attack.  I opened the cabinets under my sink, and went to work using old diaper boxes to separate my recycling. Upper left cabinet – plastic recyclables. Lower left cabinet – paper products to be burnt or recycled. Right cabinets – compost piles. I was just finishing up, and ready to breathe a sigh of relief when I stood up, and what should enter my vision but a ginormous, disgusting, disgraceful roll of paper towels. I instantly declared boldly to my family that we would never again be using these absolutely unnecessary tree killing products, and that washcloths and rags would be the only acceptable “wiper uppers” around this house. Having removed the roll, the ugly paper towel hanger that was attached to the wall seemed to still smile ominously back at me. Off I dashed to the tool box where I grabbed screw drivers, pliers, and wrenches galore. With all the anger I held toward myself for how thoughtless I’d been over the years, I ripped that baby right off the wall and flung her with all my might out the door (not a dramatization – actual event – don’t worry it went in the plastic recyclables cabinet once I had calmed down).  I took a deep breath and sat down to think for a while. My mind raced with all the other changes I needed to make. I must tell you it became quite overwhelming. I looked over at my daughter who had been asking to “Lorax. Watch…Watch. Lorax,” so I searched YouTube to find a clip for her. I landed on the ending song of the Lorax movie “Let It Grow.” “Let it grow, let it grow, like it did so long ago. It’s just one tiny seed, but it’s all we really need. Time to change your life with deed, time to let it grow.”  Time to change your life with deed.  So far that day I had a made quite a few changes. But as everyone knows it’s easy to change for an instant; it’s harder to make changes into habits. As I contemplated this I took another look at my sweet baby girl dancing around the room to the song lyrics I thought would be so difficult to uphold. The huge grin on her face told me how. I had to change for her. I have to show her the best way to take care of the world, and then encourage her to do even better. I scooped up my Lorax princess and read her the story once again. As I closed the book I felt the last words were imprinted on my heart for years to come…  “UNLESS someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.”

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2 Responses to My Lorax princess teaches me to “Let It Grow!”

  1. Aunt Pat says:

    Oh my gosh!! You almost have me in tears. The is my favorite book ever and it means so much to me. When we do the right thing I tell the family that the Lorax would be proud of us. We just got a completely self propelled lawn mover (just the blades that go round while you push) and I realize that we are polluting less. I try hard to not take for granted all that we are blessed with…I hate to walk on grass!!!! Litering makes me insane!! I cut up the plastic rings that hold the soda bottles together into a million pieces so no animal will get hurt if they wind up in the water. Sophia, who I already love to pieces, now has a very special place in my heart. When I saw they were making the book into a movie I was stunned…literally…I had been leaving the theater to go to the restroom and I just stopped and stared when I saw the first truffula tress. They did such a good job extending the story and I bawled at the movie. That’s enough babbling. That post just really resonated with me. Good luck this week!!!

    • You are so awesome Pat! You will have to teach me all your tricks when we come down to see you next. I know exactly what kind of lawn mower you are taking about! All the Amish ladies use those out here. I bet we could learn a lot from them too!

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