Mad Ads from Mad Men Days

“Triocin! Blots out Hickies Instantly!”

“It’s egg-stra good for your hair. Shampoo plus egg.”

“Now she can cook breakfast twice…when you prescribe Mornidine.”

Can you believe that if you lived in the 50s or 60s that these commonplace ads wouldn’t even make you blink..let alone think? As I was perusing through my Screen Stories, Movieland, and Silver Screen magazines (with Doris Day on the cover of course), I couldn’t help but be distracted by the unusual, funny, and sometimes offensive ads that covered the sides of the pages. Here’s a few that caught my attention…





After I stopped chuckling at the thought of a vacuum pump that “gently lifts blackheads out in seconds” I couldn’t help but wonder…What ads are people 50s years from today going find humorous and erroneous?

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