From Tree to Table

The minute I pulled into Cherry Hill Orchard I knew my daughter and I were in for a treat. We walked hand in hand through the orchard taking in the glory of the Glo-Haven, Sunhigh, and Carolina Belle peach trees with our baskets readied and our tummies rumbling. My daughter stopped at a tree whose branches hung low, and I watched as her tiny hands reached up and plucked the yellow peach with its glorious velvet skin from the stem. Her face lit up in anticipation of her first bite, and she quickly sank her baby teeth into its tangy, sweet, and juicy flesh. As the peach juice ran down her chin and dribbled onto her ruffled blouse I was overcome with thankfulness. I looked up to the heavens and silently thanked the Lord not only for his creation, but also for beautiful orchards such as this that are accessible to my family. In a time when peaches from your “local” grocery store are shipped in from Chile, California, Texas, and Georgia and covered in pesticides such as chlorpyfiros -which is proven to impair cognition – I’m thankful for a farm that uses pest traps and mating disruption for insect control, therefore reducing or altogether eliminating the need for pesticides. When we had filled our baskets and boxes to the brim with nature’s goodness we headed home to put on our aprons and get cooking. We peeled and pitted, sliced and diced, sugared and floured until our arms were soar. In thirty minutes our house smelled of spicy cinnamon and brown sugared peaches – Peach Cobbler of course! As we sat down on our porch to enjoy the treat with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream a smile crossed my sweet girls face. I asked her, “So, what would you like to do tomorrow?” “Peach Picking!” she exclaimed. Now a big grim crossed my own face and I promised we would venture to the orchard again soon. It had truly had been a glorious day.



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1 Response to From Tree to Table

  1. Melissa Ticen says:

    Danielle, I am officially inspired by your agricultural and culiinary adventure! Aria and I will be headed to Cherry Hill sometime this week…

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