Nostalgic Toys

My grandma had the best toys. From her Fisher Price record player to the amazing Suzy Homemaker oven, there was always fun to be had in grandma’s basement. So you can imagine my joy when I ran into some of my favorite childhood toys at Barnes and Noble this morning! Apparently, many of the Fisher Price classics such as the music box clock, the chatter phone, and the record player (my personal favorite) have been rereleased. My daughter’s favorite was the Music Box TV which brings “two classic children’s songs to life!” My heart was touched at the site of my daughter’s enjoyment as she watched the moving picture change from scenes of “Row, Row, Row Your Boat” to “London Bridge is Falling Down.” Why? Because at that very moment a movie played in my own mind of when I would sit in my grandma’s lap and watch those same pictures go by 25 years ago. 

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1 Response to Nostalgic Toys

  1. Nicholas Keeton says:

    I had that clock and the phone!

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